About myUSCCC

The United States Christian Chamber of Commerce (myUSCCC) was founded November 18, 2005 by Dallas Entrepreneur Ray Orr.  myUSCCC is a nationwide faith-based business membership organization and have members throughout the United States.  myUSCCC is similar to any other chamber; we’re about commerce.  But our distinguishing factor is a common denominator of faith in Jesus Christ. We’re an avid advocate for: economic empowerment, education, human rights and Christian values.  myUSCCC provide food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, support for orphans, educational enrichment initiatives and empower small businesses. 


myUSCCC membership is comprised of: Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals,  Community leaders, Pastors, Lawyers, and aspiring individuals.



To unite Christian-friendly individuals and businesses; leverage their economic power; and impact the NATIONS.                                   



We believe that “everyone needs God and a job!"